Care Instructions

With proper care, sterling silver and Gold Filled are very durable. For the silver more you wear it, the less tarnish will develop.

  • Store

    If the item will not be worn for several days, seal it in an airtight
    zip top bag. Do not store in the gift box or gift pouch.

  • Polish

    To polish your silver jewelry, use a silver polishing cloth to buff away the tarnish. Do not use a liquid or paste.

  • Tasks

    Remove jewelry when performing tasks that may cause physical damage. i.e. cleaning, gardening, swimming, working out, spa, the beach, etc.

  • Activities

    Remove when sleeping, exercising, or doing other physically strenuous

  • Avoid

    Avoid exposure to chemicals like chlorine, bleach, and other chemicals, including household cleaners, etc

  • Put

    Put all jewelry on after you have applied makeup, perfume, lotion, body oils, and hairspray. These products can contain chemicals that can damage your jewelry.

  • Wet

    store in a dry place (ie: not a bathroom)